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Deep Sea Fishing
Our Family Voyage

In May of 1996 our son Chris suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which forever changed our family lives. From then on we have been heavily involved in every aspect of life that touches someone with TBI. Needless to say its a long journey and the needs of TBI are insatiable. Sharing experiences can help ease the burdon and we're happy to share our experiences with hope of making your journey a bit easier. 

Smooth sailing with God as your helmsman. 

Christopher John Silk
Age 45

January 5, 1962 - October 28, 2007Final VoyageChris was truly an exceptional young man with a true passion for life and a desire to make every moment count. Without question, Chris always met every challenge head on and never failed to make us proud. We'll never forget his accordion recital at his kindergarten graduation or his 30 meter ski jumps during his freshman year at Vermont Academy H.S. It wasn't long before Chris's love of skiing and his flare for cooking took him to the slopes of Vermont where he put those skills to work at the Post Horn Inn Ski Lodge on Magic Mountain. I can well remember the season when the Smitty's, O'Connor's & Silk's (O'SMILK's) joined Chris at the Post Horn Inn for a bit of skiing and a lot fun. Chris was the super host who just couldn't do enough for his friends and guests.

Chris's competitive nature always came out during a round of golf or skiing a black diamond mountain. In contrast, his love of music, art, children and animals always brought out his more sensitive and gentle side. He loved everyone and enjoyed sharing his talents, especially with our first granddaughter Brittany. It wasn't long after that he fell in love and was blessed with a beautiful daughter of his own. Without question, this was the happiest moment in his life. His daughter Lane now 17, holds a very special place in Chris's heart.

In 1996 Chris suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak. In spite of this deficit and the ominous predictions of doctors he was determined to beat the odds and again met this challenge head on. With only one objective, to overcome, he soon learned to communicate, walk, and do the everyday things we do without trying. In 2005 he courageously moved from the cold North to Sarasota FL where the more favorable weather would be gentler for him. This endeavor soon proved a very worth while experience for him. His new environment soon allowed him to do things he hadn't experienced in years. You could easily see his excitement when socializing with his peers and participating in outings where he went bowling, shot billiards and fished. He was never happier living in Florida and sharing this happiness with all his family who traveled with him throughout his long journey. High on his list of fun were the visits of his nephew Joey and nieces Brittany, Lindsay who always made him laugh and forget the difficulties of his journey.

Then one day in January 2007 and without warning, Chris was given yet one more challenge. He began a vigorous fight with throat cancer. Being the trooper he is he gave this uphill battle his very best until the end and without fear of the outcome. He truly believed in God and got solace knowing he would again be a whole person in heaven, able to run and talk. He knows his grand parents are waiting for him and he tells us not to worry because he will be saving a great spot for us when our time arrives.

Chris has truly made a very positive difference in the lives of everyone he touched. He taught us to be courageous, show compassion, to give unselfishly and never take anything for granted.

Chris is survived by his loving family, Helene & Brittany Lindstrom, Darlene, Joe, Lindsay and Joey Donegan, his daughter Lane Silk and parents Catherine & Stephen Silk.

Cathy and Steve Silk